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Are you managing your life and business well? Women are more successful than ever and with that success comes the pressure to be the perfect wife, mother, and professional which can leave you feeling overwhelmed, empty and frustrated.

“How can I pursue my dreams, grow my career and still build a family with purpose and intention?” 

It is easy to get off track when we are too focused on the busyness of life and swept away in the tidal wave of everyday activities.  What if it was possible to manage it all and still maintain your sanity and well-being? You can!

The time to change your life is now. Are you ready to live intentionally and with purpose?  

What People Say


“For the woman who is always trying to be enough, striving for perfection, this book is for you! Summers truly celebrates the modern woman and all her uniqueness. Stop whatever you’re doing and go get this book now!! 

Licensed Professional Counselor

“Summers gives us insight into the challenges of being successful both at home and at work.  She provides a great reminder that we’re not alone on our journey. Relatable, uplifting, and encouraging.” 

Career Woman

"An entrepreneur must have. Powerful, brilliant, and engaging."



Summers Boutwell is an expert at managing the complexities of navigating the corporate world. With twenty years of experience working in Fortune 500 companies, Summers has built her career and family by being intentional.

Leading a life of purpose. As a professional, a mom and wife, a TEDx speaker and author, Summers knows that life can be overwhelming. She created a life by design that fosters success and changes lives. Now, through her professional speaking, Summers equips men and women with clarity to implement powerful and intentional strategies to create success and fulfillment at home and in the office.

Summers broke through the glass ceiling without sacrificing herself or her family and now teaches others how to reach for their dreams in business and in life with intention and purpose.

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